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We develop, design, finance, build, operate and maintain biogas plants.

History and philosophy

The BBE Group was founded in 2005 in the Netherlands. With over a decade of experience in anaerobic digestion, we are the specialists when it comes to transforming (organic) waste streams into valuable biogas. Under our supervision, already more than 650,000,000 kWh of renewable energy has been produced.

In our philosophy, local waste streams are transformed into energy products that can be utilized in the near surroundings of the facility. This is what we call the ‘Local for Local’ principle. Whether it is biogas, heat, electricity or upgraded biogas (natural gas quality), we can design and supply systems that meet your demand.

At BBE Biogas, we like to cooperate with our clients in a transparent way. Budgets we use are transparent and we offer training on the job at our facilities in order to make the client aware of all aspects within the field of anaerobic digestion. Our goal is to transfer our knowledge of the industry and make your project successful.

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