Our engineering team designs the AD facility according to the needs of the client. We conceptualize the facility first according to the design requirements. This results in a preliminary design and finally a detailed design. We put all of our experience in the design of your facility, whereby it will be prepared for possible differences in feedstock or other changes that have influence on the process.

Supervising the construction ensures that the detailed design we have prepared, is actually executed on site. We work together with local contractors in order to find the best and most cost effective solution for the construction.

Under certain conditions, we are capable (together with our financial partners) to (co-) finance biogas projects. By building profitable business cases, we have financed several projects in the past with excellent financial results for shareholders.

Correct maintenance of a biogas facility is one of the main influencers for a successful project. It ensures proper working of the facility (and thereby revenues), and it saves costs on the long term. Over the last decade we have developed our own view on the maintenance of a biogas facility, which results in low maintenance expenses and high availability of the facility.

In the operations phase, the facility should perform as is predicted in the business models or even better. With our experience in operations (management), we have achieved great results of the past years when is comes to the production of renewable energy. Not only as owner of projects, but also as project consultant for third parties. We are always available to advise on operations improvement.

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